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In the typical bid-build approach to project development, the owner independently contracts with a designer to create completed plans with little to no contractor involvement. The plans are released for bidding to a number of contractors, and the lowest, qualified bidder must be selected.

One great risk to the owner with this approach is the fact that there is no chance for the actual contractor to vet the constructability or true cost of the project with the owner or designer ahead of construction. Therefor, the owner is burdened with most of the risk, as many contractors take advantage of discovered deficiencies by submitting large change orders that are added to their bid cost.

GDP has been very competitive in the hard bid environment, but we take a distinctly different approach than most contractors. Instead of holding on to noted deficiencies to spring on the owner after the contract is let, GDP's estimators attempt to identify them and bring them to the owner's attention during the open questions period. This benefits the owner in terms of avoidance of potential change orders, and it levels the bidding field for all interested contractors as well. If GDP is the low bidder, this proactive mentality carries forward, as we work with the owner's to value engineer solutions and mitigate impacts of issues that may arise after the contracts have been signed. Our goal is for an owner to be glad to see our name on the interested bidders list and not anxious about potential change order gamesmanship.


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