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Georgia Development Partner's team strengths align well with the Construction Management (CM) delivery method. The owner is provided great control in terms of design and in terms of financial risk management by being able to select a designer and choose a contractor via a qualifications based interview process. The owner remains involved in the design process, and together with the designer and the contractor, the three form a team to finalize design and construct the project. This delivery is based upon an up front agreed upon fee schedule.

A CM at Risk (CM@R) project goes one step beyond a straight up CM role, and it is typically broken into two phases: Preconstruction and Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Construction. In the preconstruction phase, GDP provides cost and constructability analyses, design input, value engineering options, sub contractor selection, and project scheduling. In the second phase, GDP enters into a GMP with the owner and serves as the General Contractor overseeing the pre-selected subs in the construction of the project. The duality of the role minimizes change orders, allows construction to begin ahead of final designs, and vests the interests of all parties involved, providing a higher quality product and better scheduling.

This collaborative approach is how GDP attacks every project, regardless of methodology. Teamwork is paramount within our culture, and our company values of trust, integrity, and respect are best exemplified through the CM process. We have successfully managed numerous multi million dollar projects, bringing our clients quality projects with greater savings, quicker deliveries, and less risk exposure in the end.


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