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In the design build approach, the owner hires a contractor or a designer to assemble a designer/contractor team to produce plans to a set budget. The contractor and designer work collaboratively to tackle cost and constructability up front, which saves time and lowers the owner's financial risk exposure that is inherent with the traditional hard bid process.

A drawback to the approach is that the owner gives up some control of the actual design itself, as that responsibility is passed along to the design build team in exchange for establishing a set budget. GDP mitigates this tradeoff for the owner in the design build process, as the company has an extensive development background, and our project managers and executives understand the owner's perspective, and thus we can better represent their interests in terms of creative contribution, functional intent, and value creation.

GDP has established proven collaborative working relationships with many of the leading design firms in Georgia. We thrive in this creative environment, and we welcome the opportunity to represent our clients in the creation of their meaningful places.


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