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Georgia Development Partners (GDP) was formed in 2003 as a partnership between Batson Cook Development Company and founding members. Batson Cook Development had historically partnered with firms or individuals that have specific skills and abilities in niche markets. Members of GDP's founding team had specialized experience in heavy civil construction and site work development.

GDP initially provided merchant lot development for national builders on large unimproved land holdings. Scopes of work would routinely call for CM at risk and design build services initiated at the initial concept planning stages. GDP would lead design programming and civil engineering efforts throughout construction until final municipal approval. During the process of working with various municipalities, members of GDP's team developed close working relationships with staff and inspectors. These relationships lead to opportunities to provide pricing guidance, constructability analysis, and means and methods for public infrastructure projects. GDP team members quickly realized that the company had solid core competencies and abilities that would enable GDP to become a leader in public works contracting.

In 2011, GDP entered into a buyout of the Batson Cook Development shares, and as of this date, GDP enjoys close working relationships with some of the most demanding governmental and quasi-governmental entities in Georgia. Our projects have evolved from our civil construction foundation to complementary lines in recreational, environmental and technical infrastructure construction. GDP routinely follows a relationship path that starts as a low bid award with a customer that evolves into design build/construction management at risk, to construction management not at risk.

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